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NU Life
NU Life Wednesday Nights

Truth and Technology
Friends or Enemies?

       Our lives are lived online. We scroll as we stroll. We are never so alone as when we've lost our phone. Our parents don't understand. How could they? Our networked normal has never been known by any generation before. So only we can ask each other: "How's your social network working for you?" "Has your phone become your one and only?" And most importantly, "Despite all the gadgets, are you still lonely?" Come out for NU Life and dare to consider these questions.

Wednesday, Jan. 17th,
7:30 pm at the Catholic Center

Beyond the Blueprint
        If you’ve never been on a Catholic Center retreat, it’s an amazing experience! Our spring retreat is titled “Beyond the Blueprint” and we’ll be looking at what it means to live a full and satisfying life. The retreat will be the weekend of February 9th to the 11th in Groton Massachusetts, which is a new location this year. The cost is $90. There are applications available at the Catholic Center or you can register online using the link directly below. Make time for God. You can't imagine the blessings that will come of it!

Beyond the Blueprint, Spring Retreat 2018
Feb. 9th to 11th in Groton, MA



March for Life

The Catholic Center will be taking a group of students to the March For Life in D.C. from the evening of January 18th to Saturday afternoon the 20th. For more information, please contact Victoria Hunt.

March for Life 2018: Departs Thursday Jan. 18th and returns Saturday the 20th.

If you were joined us for Welcome Week Winter edition, you know it was a wicked warm and widely funtastic time. If you want to relive the experience or see what we did to ring in the first week of school, enjoy these pix!

Service Opportunities

CC Service
Each month we be go out across Boston to serve, in various ways, the poor, homeless and elderly of the city. What a blessing to share the gifts we've been given at a time when many are suffering from insufficient shelter, food and clothing. We'll be doing more this fall so keep in touch and we'll let you know what we're planning. We love service! Come find out why.

Our next Service Saturday is Jan. 13th
For more information contact us


Our Bible Studies are convenient, on-campus spiritual boosters to get you through the week. Get more out of the Bible with these student-led studies that enable you to pray through scriptures and discover what God is saying to you. Make a little time for faith in the crazy crunch of school.

See the HUB Updates for more info (right)


The Catholic Center is a great place to study or just unwind between classes. We have two kitchens for heating up lunch or unleashing your inner pastry chef. We're here to serve. Stop on by and say 'hi!'

Monday Open: 11 am to 5 pm

Tuesday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Wednesday Open: 11 am
Close: 9 pm (NU Life at 7:30pm)

Thursday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm
(Women's Group or Men's Group meet from 7:30 to 9 pm on alternate Thursdays)

Friday Open: 11 am, Close: 5 pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Open: 11 am, Close: 4 pm

Important: If you're a NEW STUDENT visiting from out of town and would like to see the CC, contact us and we'll arrange a time to show you around.

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