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NU Life
NU Life Wednesday Nights

Life is Wonderful!
Every Life Deserves a Chance.

        Every life has incredible potential. This isn't just about abortion. It's a consistent ethic that informs all aspects of Catholic belief. If you find yourself feeling underprepared when discussions about pro-choice/pro-life or physician-assisted suicide or artificial contraception or stemcell research get heated, we hope this week's NU Life will connect you with some helpful resources and useful approaches. Our reasons are reasonable and our message is hopeful. If you're pro-life don't be embarrassed. Be informed.

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
7:30 pm at the Catholic Center

January 25th at the Fenway Center

If you've never met Cardinal Seán O'Malley you're in for a treat! Boston's beloved Archbishop will be celebrating Mass with the CC HUB community at the Fenway Center on January 25th. Come meet the chief shepherd of the Archdiocese and enjoy his friendly, fatherly manner that makes him so popular with local Catholics and many other citizens of the Hub.

Sunday, January 25th
12:30pm at the Fenway Center

X Men Origins: Prince of Peace
Spring Retreat 2015

You may be aware of superhero teams such as the justice league, the avengers, the fantastic four, or the guardians of the galaxy. These all-star squads of men and women gifted with incredible power and ability have been able to fight off many of the most evil masterminds in the world again and again. Another team of superheroes is being assembled at this moment – one that will be able to conquer the specter of death itself. They call themselves X-men (pronounced kai-men). X represents the leader of the team – Jesus Christ. For over 2,000 years, superheroes have been banding together under his name to bring light into the world and to drive out the darkness. You are now called to join this elite team and bring truth into a world that is desperately looking for a savior.

$80 retreat cost covers all expenses for the weekend: travel, food, lodging, etc.

Please note that $10 is non-refundable. Space is limited so preference will be given to new students.

Bring a snack to share, warm clothes, a Bible, & anything else that helps you pray.

as the retreat draws nearer, you’ll be contacted with the exact times.

For more information contact jane rudy or ben yeung

To register online click here.

Join Us in Prayer if You Can't Join Us in Person.

The U.S. Bishops are calling on all Catholics to join in prayer as a spiritual pilgrimage to accompany those attending the March for Life and other pro-life demonstrations this week. Thursday we fast and pray against the evil of abortion as we recall the sad legacy of the Supreme Court's infamous Roe v. Wade decision. A group from the Catholic Center will be traveling down on Wednesday night, so please keep them in prayer as they represent for the CC and raise their voice against the most deadly choice.

January 21st to 23rd

Service Opportunities

CC Service Weekend.
Saturday, January 17th, we held a City Hunger Walk with the Catholic Center. We spread out across the city to bring food to the homeless along with taking time to speak with them and hear their stories. What a blessing to share the gifts we've been given at a time when many are suffering from insufficient shelter, food and clothing. We love service! Come find out why.

For more information contact Ryan, Sarah or Cole.

Next Service Event TBA

Our Bible Studies are convenient, on-campus spiritual boosters to get you through the week. Get more out of the Bible with these student-led studies that enable you to pray through scriptures and discover what God is saying to you. Make a little time for faith in the crazy crunch of school.

See the HUB Updates for more info (right)

The Catholic Center is a great place to study or just unwind between classes. We have two kitchens for heating up lunch or unleashing your inner pastry chef. We're here to serve.

Monday Open: 11 am to 5 pm
Reopens at 7 pm; Close: 9 pm

Tuesday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Wednesday Open: 11 am
Close: 9 pm (NU Life meets at 7:30)

Thursday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Friday Open: 11 am, Close: 5 pm

Saturday: Closed, unless there's an event.

Sunday Open: 11 am, Close: 4 pm

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