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Serving Northeastern University & Neighboring Schools
A Ministry of the Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese of Boston



Mass Times
Who Are we?

Holy Week at the Virtual CC


NU Life at 8 PM - Fight, Flight, or Make it Right

This week's topic is "Fight, Flight, or Make it Right!" a focus on how to resolve conflict in relationships. Join us via Zoom. The link will be posted on Facebook, the Weekly Email, and on Slack.


Holy Thursday Mass at 7 PM 

This mass the celebrates the institution of the Eucharist and our Lord's "Last Supper". Join us  virtually on Facebook Live. The mass will also be recorded and  posted publicly for those who miss it.


Good Friday Service at 6 PM

This service commemorates the death of our Lord on the Cross. Join us virtually on Facebook Live. The service will also be recorded and posted publicly for those who miss it.


Saturday Easter Vigil Mass at 8:30 PM

On this night we celebrate with joy the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Join us virtually on Facebook Live. The service will also be recorded and posted publicly for those who miss it.


Easter Sunday Mass at 12:30 PM

For those who didn't watch the Vigil they can join us Easter day! It also will be hosted virtually on Facebook Live. The service will also be recorded and posted publicly for those who miss it.


How to find the Live Streams

All liturgies will be streaming and posted here. Our most up-to-date information can be found on Slack.

COVID-19 Catholic Center Update

In light of the current pandemic, the Catholic Center will be following the lead of the Archdiocese and the University in adjusting our way of life to best combat the virus.

But first, I would like to offer some spiritual encouragement! In Luke 8:22-25, the disciples are with Jesus in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. While they were sailing across, Jesus took a nap. A storm caught them unawares and put the disciples into a panic. As COVID-19 is causing "waves" worldwide, may the Lord remind us to take a balanced view of the situation. We should definitely take precautions and be smart during these days, but also, I think the Lord wants to remind us to not panic, but rather recognize that He is with us in "our boat", in our lives, and that He is still in full control.

May we continue to stay close to the Lord and rely on Him with full peace and confidence!

Below is a list of the current changes to our schedule and operations:
Sunday Mass (Diocese-wide) has been canceled for the foreseeable future. See the Archdiocese website for more details.

The Catholic Center is closed and events cancelled for the time being.

Confession is available by appointment with Fr. Paul.

The staff are still available to meet electronically.


How to Sign Up for the Catholic Center Slack

(Important for Elections this Wednesday Night) 

1) Use this link to navigate -

2)  Sign in with your NU or HUB School Email 

 If you are having difficulties please contact the VP Christian Wells ( for assistance. 


Please also have an eye out for each other and check in regularly with your friends through electronic media to make sure they are doing ok!

Know that the Catholic Center Staff is with you in prayer and in love during these days! And may Jesus calm the "waves" soon!

God Bless,

Br. Jason 

Student's Stories

"Being a part of the Catholic Center community has deepened my relationship with the Lord more than I ever anticipated, given me some incredible friends to run alongside as we grow in faith, and is something God has used to make me a much more confident and joyful person than I was when I first walked in the door."  


The Catholic Center's weekly meeting for NU and the surronding schools.
It's a place to engage your faith and build relationships. 

Weekly on Wednesday's at 8 pm at 68 St. Stephen Street

‪(617) 373-8964