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NU Life
NU Life Wednesday Nights

Why Do We Lent?
Fast Food and Other Mysteries.

      If you've never done much for lent you might wonder why we make ourselves chocolate-haters and misery-lovers for six plus weeks of the already long winter months. Why do we deny ourselves good things? Is God just a big downer up there telling us we can't enjoy a few simple pleasures? Before you decide to mail it in for this lent we hope you'll join us for a NU Life specifically directed to answering these questions. Sacrifice has nothing to do with God not wanting good things for us. It has everything to do with our habit of putting good things in the way of God. When we set aside these pleasures for a time we find ourselves so much more open to the best thing of all - the love and friendship of our God.

Wednesday, Mar. 4th, 2015
7:30 pm at the Catholic Center

Service Opportunities

CC Service Weekend.
Our next service day is Saturday, March 28th. Once again we'll go out into the neighborhoods and fan out across the city to serve in various ways the poor, homeless and elderly of Boston. What a blessing to share the gifts we've been given at a time when many are suffering from insufficient shelter, food and clothing. We love service! Come find out why.

For more information contact Ryan or Sarah.

Saturday, March 28th

Your Night to Shine!
Friday, March 20th the CC will be hosting an Open Mic Night. Please feel free to share any talent you may have. Spread your skill and make some people laugh, think, cry, dance, sing, or take someone's breath away. You may also want to sit back and enjoy the night by supporting your friends in action!

Please contact Sarah or Carl with your skill and approximately how long the performance will take.

Lastly, food is always good and yummy so feel free to show off some baking skills or bring a snack to share. Doors will open at 7:00
Hope to see you all there!

Friday, March 20th 7:30 (doors open at 7)


X Men Origins: Prince of Peace
Spring Retreat 2015

The retreat has ended but the mission begins. We say a heart-felt 'thank you' to our heroic Directors Jany Rudy and Ben Yeung as well as their supporting Producers Abbey Mahan, Christina Policastro and Tom Hanson. A great weekend! A great commission! Check in with our Facebook page to see pictures from the weekend!

What a powerful experience! A crowd estimated at 650,000 was there. If you weren't there, click here to see what you missed!

January 22, 2015

Our Bible Studies are convenient, on-campus spiritual boosters to get you through the week. Get more out of the Bible with these student-led studies that enable you to pray through scriptures and discover what God is saying to you. Make a little time for faith in the crazy crunch of school.

See the HUB Updates for more info (right)

The Catholic Center is a great place to study or just unwind between classes. We have two kitchens for heating up lunch or unleashing your inner pastry chef. We're here to serve.

Monday Open: 11 am to 5 pm
Reopens at 7 pm; Close: 9 pm

Tuesday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Wednesday Open: 11 am
Close: 9 pm (NU Life meets at 7:30)

Thursday Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Friday Open: 11 am, Close: 5 pm

Saturday: Closed, unless there's an event.

Sunday Open: 11 am, Close: 4 pm

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