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NU Life
NU Life Wednesday Nights

Old Testament Greats
Meet the Famous Folks of the Bible and Find Out How Much We Have in Common.

        This summer join us for NU Life Scripture Series edition. We'll help you move the Bible from "Mysteries" to "Romance" in the Barnes and Noble of your brain. You'll never be the same. This summer we're meeting the inspiring but also very human spiritual greats of the Old Testament. The feel of summer studies is relaxed, informative and refreshing.

Summer NU Life
Wednesdays, 7:30 pm
at the Catholic Center

Good People. Good Food. Gotta Get Some of that Goodness
Welcome New Students and Welcome Back to Our Returning Students. We missed you!

       From the Church that brought you Christmas, we've got some outrageous fun coming your way during Welcome Week. Check out our 1st Week events calendar and partake of all the greasy goodness your heart desires. You're just one food-coma away from finding out why Catholics party better than the rest. Manga!

Move-In Mass
If you're looking for a break in your move-in madness, come worship with us!
Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 12:30 pm at the Fenway Center (one block east of Stetson at 77 St. Stephen Street).

It's like paint-ball with flour bombs! Dress dark and wear running shoes.
Monday, Sept. 3rd, 7 to 10pm at the CC

Pasta Dinner
Push the bounds of gastric satiety and reach the ultimate state of pasta deglutition.
Wednesday, Sept. 5th, 5 to 7pm at the CC

House of Games
The Catholic Center tranforms into a mansion of gaming and goodies. Experience the magic.
Thursday, Sept. 6th, 8 to 12am

More outrageous, wholesome fun than honest, decent people should be allowed to have.
Friday, Sept. 7th, 5 to 9 pm

City Hunger Walk
Bring Sandwiches to the Homeless of Boston. Caution: we use peanut products!
Saturday, Sept. 8th, 12:30 to 3:30pm

Sunday Welcome Mass
It's the very best thing we do at the CC and the right way to kick off a successful fall semester. Stay after for rootbeer floats!
Sept. 9th, 12:30pm at the Fenway Center
5pm at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Mission Hill.

all events start at the Catholic Center unless otherwise specified.

        Family and friends, beginnings and ends. That was the theme of our graduation celebration. We hung up our ID's on the CC wall of fame and took the walk across the Garden floor to receive our diplomas on the day we once thought was so far, far away. If you weren't able to celebrate with us, here are a few pictures to cheer your soul. Congratulations Class of 2018!


Service Opportunities

CC Service
Each month we be go out across Boston to serve, in various ways, the poor, homeless and elderly of the city. What a blessing to share the gifts we've been given at a time when many are suffering from insufficient shelter, food and clothing. We love service! Come find out why.

Our Service Saturdays are over for Spring
We'll be back in the fall, ya'll!
We are MOST grateful to our CC Service Chairs Riley Bannon and Tim Foley


Our Bible Studies are taking a break for the summer, but we'll return in September. Meanwhile we want to thank our Bible Study leaders for 2017-2018: Rosalie Caracciolo, Olivia Dooley, Megan Durning, Monica Fernandez del Castillo, Ulpiano Flores, Sarah Lytle, Sebastian Ronquillo, Jess Soucy, Alvaro Torres, Carl Uchytil and Brad Walter.

See the HUB Updates for more info (right)


The Catholic Center is on summer hours which, like most of what we do this summer, is very laid back. All work and no play, you know? Still we'd love to meet you if you're a new or prospective student! Contact us and we can show you around the CC!

Tuesday Open: 11 am, Close: 2 pm

Wednesday Open: 11 am
Close: 2 pm (NU Life at 7:30pm)

Thursday Open: 11 am, Close: 2 pm

Friday thru Monday Closed

Important: If you're a NEW STUDENT visiting from out of town and would like to see the CC, contact us and we'll arrange a time to show you around.

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