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NU Life Wednesday Nights

Thicker than Water
Catholic Family Life - What Pope Francis Had to Say.

        Pope Francis just concluded a celebration of family life. We're continuing the celebration with a NU Life dedicated to family. With everybody deconstructing gender and marriage these days, it's helpful to consider this simple truth about family: We're all a part of one and we all come from different ones with their own challenges and quirks. Many of us hope to start our own families one day. There is no fool proof instructional manual, but what the Church has to say can point us in the right direction. Come to NU Life this Wednesday to hear some helpful tips!

Wednesday, Sept. 30th,
7:30 pm at the Catholic Center

Register for Fall Retreat Today!

       As college students, we are always chasing perfection. This retreat we are diving into our ideas of perfection and imperfection, in order to grow in our dependence on God. This deeper relationship can help us in so many ways as students, and we want to use this weekend as a time to get “drenched” in the spirit of God, going all in.
       Please drop off the bottom portion of the retreat form and put it and your deposit in an envelope with your name on it. Leave it with a campus minister or drop it at the CCNU (address below). Keep the top part as a reminder. Note that you can also register online.

• As the retreat draws nearer, you’ll be contacted with the exact times.
• $80 retreat cost covers all expenses for the weekend: food, lodging, and bus transportation, etc. Please note that $10 is non-refundable. Applications are due September 27, 2015.
• Bring a snack to share, warm clothes, a Bible, and anything else that helps you pray.

For more information contact Directors Celia Ryan or Garrett Boyle

For online registration click here.

Catholic Center HUB Fall Retreat 2015
Kennebunkport, ME
October 3rd to the 5th

Throne of Games Night
Twas an awesome event. Look for pictures on Facebook soon!

Service Opportunities

CC Service
This year we'll be going out across Boston to serve in various ways the poor, homeless and elderly of the city. What a blessing to share the gifts we've been given at a time when many are suffering from insufficient shelter, food and clothing. We'll be doing more this fall so keep in touch and we'll let you know what we're planning. We love service! Come find out why.

For more information contact us!

Our Bible Studies are convenient, on-campus spiritual boosters to get you through the week. Get more out of the Bible with these student-led studies that enable you to pray through scriptures and discover what God is saying to you. Make a little time for faith in the crazy crunch of school.

See the HUB Updates for more info (right)

The Catholic Center is a great place to study or just unwind between classes. We have two kitchens for heating up lunch or unleashing your inner pastry chef. We're here to serve. Stop on by and say 'hi!'

Starting September 8th...

Monday: Open: 11 am to 9 pm

Tuesday: Open: 11 am to 9 pm

Wednesday: Open: 11 am to 9 pm
NU Life: starts at 7:30

Thursday: Open: 11 am, Close: 9 pm

Friday: Open: 11 am, Close: 5 pm (unless we're hosting an event in the evening)

: closed

Sunday: Open 11 am to 3 pm

If you're a NEW STUDENT visiting from out of town and would like to see the CC, contact us and we'll arrange a time to show you around.

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