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Retreat Info

reak away from the cinder-block cell they call your dorm room, and come relax with a other college students for a weekend. Enjoy getting out of the city and closer to God!

Our retreats are student led. They're relevant and down to earth. They're about things that matter to you. They're about things that actually affect your life...

WHAT: Click here for more info on the next retreat...
WHEN: Every semester...
WHERE: We get out of the city, tucked away in the woods and rivers of ME

One Weekend.
One Unforgettable Experience.

You get a chance to pray, learn about your faith, and experience God's presence in a powerful way.

You'll get to know a lot of cool people throughout the weekend, especially in your small group. Often times, students are surprised to find so many others who really want to find out more about God and faith, and it's awesome to be able to do that with other people in college.

There's also a chance to hang out at the campfire, play some sports (football, ultimate frisbee, wiffle ball, and more), kick back to enjoy the ridiculous skits, and soak up all the good stuff that's happening during some quiet time - all while the praise band jams away into the night...

Don't miss this chance to give your spiritual life a boost...

Any questions? Contact us here.


NULife Info

ULife is our main meeting of the week led by undergrads for undergrads.

It's kind of like a mid-week retreat...

There's time to hang with other Catholics, talk about what's going on in your life, sing some praise and worship songs, and learn about your faith.

WHERE: CCNU @ 68 Saint Stephen St. (click here for a map)
WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm
WHAT: Check out the homepage for this week's topic....

We cover the topics you care about:
  • Dating that goes the distance - How can I find a love that lasts?
  • Why do Catholics do all those things that other Christians don't do? (You know, like Mass, rosary, kneeling, making the sign of the cross...)
  • What's wrong with partying? Didn't Jesus party, too?
  • Does God actually want me to know Him?
  • Why does suffering happen to good people?
  • What's up with the Bible?
  • Is there anything bad about having sex with someone you really love?
  • & much more!
Come explore your faith in a comfortable, friendly place where the people are nice, the praise music is powerful, and the food is... well... ummm, free... Did we mention that the people are nice?

Any questions? Contact us here.

Women's Groups Info

e are beloved daughters of God and of the Catholic Church. We are women of faith, women of prayer, and women of love.
We are friends and sisters
in Christ.

We gather to support, empower, and educate ourselves and other women at college in spirituality, leadership, and service.

WHERE: At the Catholic Center.
WHEN: Monday evenings at 7:30 pm starting Sept. 8th.

Contact Ashley Machado here to get more info.

Men's Groups Info

here's a great feeling you get when you're with other guys and talking about the things that matter to you. Or just doing things together like hiking or jumping off cliffs into mountain ponds. It's one of the best ways men can get strong in their faith - by hanging out with other men who are strong in their faith.

Sometimes the guys just have to be with the guys...

Church doesn't have to be boring. Prayer doesn't have to be a chore. Man-to-man small groups can give your spiritual life the shot in the arm it so desparately needs.

WHERE: CCNU @ 68 Saint Stephen St. (click here for a map)
WHEN: Every Thursday @ 7:30 pm starting Sept. 18th

Contact us here to get more info.

On-Campus Bible Studies

ur student-led, on-campus Bible studies are only an hour long, suited to your schedule and conveniently located. If you want to grow spiritually but don't have much time, these are a perfect fit. Learn what the Bible has to say about living your faith in the modern world. Get to know other Catholics on campus and enjoy lively conversation and discussion. Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. We're all learning together, so it doesn't matter where you're starting from. Join us at one of these convenient locations while fall and spring semesters are in session...

Starting September 7th...

Monday 9:00 PM
in Wentworth Student Center
Ryan & Chris

Tuesday 7:30 PM
at MCPHS in White Hall
Leaders TBA

Tuesday 8:00 PM
in IV Lobby
Leaders TBA

Tuesday 9 PM
Speare Common
Leaders TBA

Contact us here to get more info.

More Info

We're here to feed your spirit. There's more available at the CC than we can list here, so contact us if you're looking for something in particular.

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